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Photo: University of Minnesota

Weed management has changed dramatically in recent years with herbicide resistant weeds, new herbicide technologies and harsh weather conditions. How to develop resilient strategies to face all the different challenges? The 2022 Corn and Soybean Weed Management Tour will highlight ongoing research that addresses these challenges and showcase new ideas for crop growers and agricultural professionals on Wednesday, July 6.

The event will begin on the grounds with on-site registration at 8:30 a.m. The tour starts at 9:00 a.m. and will end at 12:00 p.m.

Rochester Weed Management Trials is located just east of the Olmsted County Recycling Site on County Rd 9 (Collegeview RD), a few miles north and a bit west of our previous location . If you are heading to the recycling and composting site, you will see our sign at the entrance, then head east on a gravel dirt road (GPS coordinates: 44.024138, -92.425515).

Weed management topics

Weed management topics will be presented by U of MN Extension weed specialists and extension educators:

  • University trials of herbicides for weed management in corn and soybeans
    • We review industry standard herbicide programs and have included a few of our own to demonstrate a few concepts
  • Voluntary corn control with the Enlist herbicide system
    • A new Minnesota Soybean-sponsored project to improve voluntary corn control in the E3 soybean system
  • New herbicide technologies
    • Tendovo, a new soybean herbicide from Syngenta, compare it to other herbicide programs
    • Trivolt, a new corn herbicide release from Bayer, where and how will this product fit
  • What’s new with cover crops and weed management?
    • Eric Yu, Graduate Research Assistant, will discuss a new project evaluating cover crop seeding rate, timing of termination, and its potential as a weed management tool in corn and soybeans.
  • Meet Nathan Drewitz, a New Crop Extension Educator in Rochester

For more information

Contact: Ryan Miller, [email protected] or cell (507-213-8106) or Mary Jane Stearns, [email protected] at the Rochester Regional Office for more information.

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