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From managing the numbers to maintaining the grounds – property management company Preim invests in people through a series of learning programs across the business.

As the UK celebrates National Apprenticeship Week 2022, Preim celebrates the success of its own trainees in areas such as finance and caretaking.

Now in its 15th year, the annual theme for the government-backed week in 2022 is “Building the Future” and reflects on how learning can help people develop their skills and know-how while enabling businesses to develop a talented workforce.

Preim, of Peterborough, has invested in a number of employees who are currently undergoing training as part of an apprenticeship program alongside their role with the company.

Among them is assistant caretaker Cheyenne Turbett, based at Badersfield Regeneration Development in Norfolk. Under senior keeper James Plant and keeper John Jackson, Cheyenne has been in a job for 11 months that allows him to embrace his love of the great outdoors with a passion for learning and a thirst for knowledge.

Having joined the company last March, Cheyenne can spend her hands-on days doing anything from grass cutting and planting to handling resident questions. She said: “A lot of my training so far has been at work with James and John, which I really enjoy.

“I can see firsthand how James and John have managed the grounds for nearly 12 years, teaching me how to use all the equipment correctly and communicating with residents to make sure they know we care about their interests.”

Cheyenne combines it at work with a regular college education. She added, “I would definitely encourage others to join an apprenticeship program because you learn so many new things. For me, it has helped me to improve my social skills, through regular communication with residents, and to fully understand how the team of caretakers I work with manage the grounds of the development.

Meanwhile, utility administrator Sam Kevorkian uses his learning to better understand the role of finance teams within organizations. Having joined Preim 10 months ago after completing an MSc, Sam successfully combines his professional duties and studies in a three-year Level 7 qualification from the Chartered Institute of Management Accounts.

He said: “Studying alongside my job helps me deepen my knowledge while applying what I’ve learned to what I’m doing. Since my study day lands on a Thursday, I find coming into work on Friday is like looking at my assignments with fresh eyes. The more I can grasp from my course, the more I am able to fully understand my processes and the context behind my professional role.

“At the end of the two-year course, I want to fully understand how to manage, evaluate and analyze all areas of finance and hopefully apply my new skills and knowledge more effectively and efficiently in my role.”

Prior to joining Preim, Rita Bell worked as a logistics analyst for News UK. Now part of the client finance team, his apprenticeship is expected to be completed within the next 36 months. His collaborative week as part of his role as Service Fee Accountant includes one day per week of dedicated study; whether at home or traveling to London.

She said: “I hope to complete my apprenticeship by the end of 2024. My end goal would be to be able to support the finance function of Preim at whatever level required. An apprenticeship is the best way to gain a qualification while working in the role. At the end of the process, you will have a qualification combined with practical experience. Normally, you will have a professional qualification or experience; an apprenticeship allows you to have both.

David Dunkley, Head of Support Services at Preim, added: “At Preim, we believe that investing in formal staff training is a great incentive for those looking to improve their skills and move up the career path. commitment to development on both sides increases confidence, motivation and ultimately benefits long-term staff retention.

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