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Volansi, the leader in autonomous vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) delivery drones for medium to heavy payloads, today announced the appointment of Dr Will Roper, one of the country’s leading experts in aerospace transformation, to as the new Chief Executive Officer. Dr Roper joined the Volansi Board of Directors in March 2021. Volansi’s main venture capitalists are Lightspeed Venture Partners and Icon Ventures.

Dr Roper served as the U.S. Air Force’s Assistant Secretary for Acquisition, Technology, and Logistics, where he oversaw an annual budget of $ 60 billion. Since leaving government in January 2021, he has served as an advisor and board member of technology and investment companies.

“As a member of the Volansi Board of Directors, I have been impressed with the innovative capacity of the company,” said Dr Will Roper. “The Company’s VTOL designs are well suited for a range of commercial and military applications. It seemed natural to me to bring my industry knowledge along with my operations and logistics experience to help create disruptive solutions for transporting medium to heavy duty payloads. It is an exciting opportunity.

While serving in the Air Force, Roper was responsible for all research and development, testing, production, modernization, and logistics efforts for the Air Force and Space Force. Dr. Roper was the leader of the US government in identifying and supporting private sector technology companies to gain access to Department of Defense resources. He has led Air Force-wide technological transformations for software development, artificial intelligence and digital engineering. He has also initiated high-tech programs for hypersonic weapons, autonomous drones and a militarized Internet of Things, while overseeing the daily logistics of more than 5,000 military aircraft and support systems.

“At Volansi, we are very proud to have assembled a world-class team and to have demonstrated technical excellence in design, testing and production,” said founding CEO Hannan Parvizian. “Attracting Dr. Roper, first to our board and now as CEO, will help us exceed even our most ambitious goals. I look forward to working alongside him in my new role as the new CTO and Product Architect to set the vision and strategic direction for the company’s future.

Dr Roper joins a growing management team at Volansi that includes former members of successful technology companies and global logistics companies like FedEx. “I am delighted to announce Will as the new CEO of Volansi and Hannan as the new CTO and Product Architect,” said Chairman of the Board, Paul Ricci. “We are excited about the leadership team and the future of this growing company. “

About Volansi:

Volansi provides fast, on-demand air delivery services for urgent long-distance shipments. We build and operate long-range, medium to heavy payload autonomous drones for commercial, federal and humanitarian applications. Using drone technology as a means of transportation, we help our customers take control of their supply chain by delivering essential equipment, essential supplies and humanitarian aid to where they would otherwise face unpredictable delays. , which saves them time, money and lives. To find out more, visit Volansi.com or follow us on Twitter @volans_i.

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