USM Sports Management Class Partners With New Orleans Pelicans To Sell Tickets

HATTIESBURG, Mississippi (WHLT) – Sports management students at the University of Southern Mississippi (USM) collaborated with the New Orleans Pelicans during the fall semester of 2021 to learn more about ticket sales.

Undergraduates become familiar with ticket sales through the following training sessions:

  • Sales Process and Promotion – Students learned about the city’s Pelicans franchise, player updates, sales process, promotions and COVID-19 restrictions. The students described their list of targeted buyers for ticket sales.
  • Role play and cross-sell – Students learned more about the selling process by performing a seller-buyer role-play.
  • Closing the deal and challenges – Students made sales deals and learned how to tackle challenges like top player injuries and COVID-19 guidelines.

Jesse Nantz, manager of the New Orleans Premium Pelicans sales account, said the students raised nearly $ 7,000 in financial income during the sessions.

“It was definitely a tough project for students with COVID-19 protocols in the city of New Orleans. In addition to the hurricane, the students also had to deal with the team’s slow start and player injuries. These obstacles have enabled our students to fully understand the increased challenges of sports marketing and sales that are beyond the control of ticket office staff, ”said Chris Croft, assistant professor of sports management at USM.

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