Tredyffrin’s stormwater management plans move forward

TREDYFFRIN TWP, PA — The township board of supervisors on Tuesday night authorized township staff to develop a proposal to implement a stormwater fee for residents.

Joseph F. DiRocco, deputy township manager and chief financial officer, said the actual fees likely won’t be imposed until 2025.

DiRocco provided an initial estimate of an annual budget of $1 million for employees and equipment needed for stormwater management.

The decision to implement a ratepayer levy follows two public hearings in which residents complained about flooding issues throughout the 19-square-mile township.

During the extreme weather August 18-19 and September 1 brought on by Tropical Storms Fred and Ida, the township office received numerous calls from homeowners regarding flooding and other issues.

A total of 12 inches of rain was reported in less than two weeks. Fred dropped 4 inches in 1.5 hours and 3.56 in an hour. Ida dumped over 8 inches of rain.

DiRocco provided the status of flood reduction projects:

  • Finance : Strafford Park Basin Crabby Creek;
  • SSearch for additional funds: Bair Road Infiltration, Gregory Lane/Jenkins Arboretum;
  • Partially funded: Infiltration of Woodcrest, Willis, Upper Weadley;
  • Need funding : Restoration of Teegarden Park/Crabby Creek Park and Rain Garden, Irish Road/Howellville Drainage Improvement, Valley Hills/Pennington Roschlosch Drainage Improvement; Drainage Improvement Hickory/Old State Road SW.

Infrastructure replacement projects:

  • Finance : West Valley Road drainage, Pugh Road culvert, Chesterbrook Boulevard culvert wall;
  • Finance research : Improvement of the drainage of the western circular avenue.

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