Students Arrested for Alleged Theft at Opoku Ware School – Management Confirms

Authorities at Opoku Ware High School in Kumasi have confirmed that three students arrested for alleged theft are students of the school.

The students, all final year students who are in police custody, were arrested on Friday August 12, 2022 for allegedly attempting to snatch a taxi from its driver at gunpoint in Kumasi.

Many had doubted the report linking students at an A-level science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) school, but a highly disciplined mission school to the alleged crime.

But school authorities in a report confirmed the three suspects, identified by the report signed by the school discipline committee secretary as Akwasi Adu Donkor (BY 2), Owusu Appiah Raphael (BY 664) and Asubonteng Osei Kwadwo (BY 76) .

The students’ identities, according to the report, were confirmed by a delegation sent by the school principal to the Kumasi Central Police Station on the same day of their arrest.

This followed a police appeal to the school’s chaplain and counselor, Rev. Fr. Addo Fordwuor of the students’ involvement in the alleged theft.

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The delegation included the assistant director (administration), the assistant director (domestic), the chaplain and the school counselor and the principal householders.

“A delegation, including the deputy director (administration), the deputy director (domestic), the chaplain and school counselor and the principal householder and his deputy were sent to the police station to determine whether or not the boys were OWASS students. When the boys were brought in for identification, it turned out that they were indeed OWASS students,” the report said.

But giving some intriguing details about the personalities of the students, the report says all three, who were previously boarders, had been around for some time until the incident was removed from the boarding school for disciplinary reasons.

Two of them were referred the same day for similar offences.

“It is common knowledge that the three suspects had been removed from the pension. Akwasi Adu Donkor and Asubonteng Osei Kwadwo were expelled from boarding school on the same day for the following offences: breaking boundaries at night, wearing non-prescribed clothes in school, and fighting in school. The report says.

Ashanti Central Divisional Command sources say the three students, aged 17 to 19, failed in their attempt to snatch a taxi on Friday night.

The driver picked up the suspects in the suburb of Santasi on the pretext of going to Lancaster Kumasi City, formerly Golden Tulip Hotel, in the suburb of Nhyiaeso.

But on reaching the Rattray Park area, the three men pressured the driver to hand over the ignition keys or risk being stabbed.

A struggle for the keys ensued between the suspects and the driver, who struggled to control their direction until the vehicle hit a wall alongside Ridge Police Station and Royal Golf Park Junction.

This attracted onlookers from a nearby club who came to the taxi driver’s aid.

One of the students fled, while two of the students were arrested and handed over to the police.

Here is the report on the conduct of the three students.

OWASS Report
Disciplinary report on the three OWASS students allegedly involved in the heist

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