SK Telecom launches AI assistant service that supports Korean and English languages

SK Telecom’s AI assistant service supports Korean and English languages.

SK Telecom has launched an AI assistant service that supports Korean and English languages, thanks to a collaboration with Amazon.

The company has equipped its NUGU Candle AI speaker with Amazon’s Alexa voice service to allow users to enjoy English and Korean-based AI services through a single AI speaker.

Customers can use the wake word “Aria” to launch Nugu services in Korean and “Alexa” to enjoy Alexa services in English.

Nugu and Alexa support basic features such as weather, news, chat, and calendar. Korean content like Flo (music streaming service) and Potbbang (audio streaming service) can be accessed via Nugu, while foreign content such as TuneIn can be enjoyed via Alexa.

To visually show the two independent AI agents, SKT applied two different colors of LED lights to Nugu Candle – light blue for Nugu and dark blue for Alexa.

SKT’s Nugu Candle users can use the new service by updating the Nugu app and connecting their account through the “Connect Amazon Alexa” menu.

SKT plans to continue applying Alexa to its Nugu devices, including Nugu Candle SE, which is scheduled to launch in early 2022. The company will continue to work closely with Amazon to make more services available to Korean users.

“As Korea’s first speaker on AI, Nugu has provided various services to improve customers’ AI experience. Now, with the addition of Amazon’s Alexa voice service, Nugu will further enhance customer value and convenience through differentiated content and services,” said Lee Hyun-a, Vice President and Head of AI&CO of SKT.

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