Remarks by Acting Deputy Assistant Secretary Kathryn Insley to the Joint Maritime Operations Center

I am here today to express our commitment to strengthening bilateral cooperation between the United States and Georgia, and to observe first-hand the many ways in which the partnership between our two countries makes the Black Sea region safer. We are also exploring other areas of collaboration between our two countries. We greatly appreciate Georgia’s contributions, as well as cooperation with partners such as the United States and other NATO allies. We are grateful for this close cooperation, especially in light of Russia’s renewed aggression against Ukraine and in the region. The Joint Maritime Operations Center enables Georgian law enforcement and military forces to detect threats, then communicate and coordinate operations with internal and external partners. We are determined to continue to provide additional support for the development of JMOC capabilities and capabilities, which we consider an essential component of our unwavering commitment to the security and territorial integrity of Georgia. JMOC leadership helps us expand our common non-proliferation and security goals in the Black Sea and beyond. The United States stands ready to provide additional maritime and border security assistance, including equipment, training, and tools to identify illicit trade, including military components for Russia’s defense and military sectors. energy. Our close cooperation is the foundation of our common goals of security and non-proliferation cooperation in the Black Sea region and beyond. We look forward to continuing our beneficial partnership.

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