People management and well-being: how Yahaya Bello does the job of security

Governor Yahaya Bello of Kogi State (L) and President of the Senate, Ahmad Lawan (R) decorating the former ADC, Iwanger Ifeoma Akaya (M), on his promotion from the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police ( ASP) to the Assistant Superintendent of Police (DSP).


People management and well-being: how Yahaya Bello does the job of security

By Hafsat Ibrahim

Kindness is a language the blind can see and the deaf can hear, willingness to give or share is an act of munificence and only exceptional personalities engage in it.

VIP security assistants in Nigeria have their work cut out for them. it’s a job that requires total commitment, unwavering loyalty and round-the-clock monitoring. Security men are people too. They also have loved ones, but they abandon them to serve the country in various capacities and on different fronts. For the discerning, the sacrifices of these people are worth rewarding in many ways.

In Kogi state, it is the policy of the first family to take special care of all security men and women guarding the government house, from police to DSS and even soldiers. Governor Yahaya Bello, for his part, takes the welfare of state security officers very seriously. In cash and in kind, the Governor and his family ensure that all security men working in the state lack nothing.

In addition to providing the logistics necessary to do their job, Governor Bello sometimes joins the security men in major operations intended to secure the state and save lives. And that goes a long way to boosting the morale of the officers and men.

It is in the same spirit that the First Lady of the state, Hajiya Rashidat Bello, was recently seen in a viral video giving one million naira each to her security aides in a bid to appreciate them and boost morale. .

Even though some sadists and cynics went to town to spread their fake news and hate messages, everyone could see that the First Lady’s intention was selfless as she preferred to shower them with love and care rather than to let them beg.

The Governor, his wives and other members of the first family regard the welfare and happiness of the officers and men working in the state as the top priority and the result is evident in the fact that Kogi State is ironically the safest state in Nigeria today even though it is bordered by states suffering from the worst forms of insecurity.

It was therefore a proud Governor Bello that we saw the other day decorating her valiant aide-de-camp, ADC, Iwanger Ifeoma Akaya, after she was recently promoted from the rank of Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) to Superintendent police assistant (DSP) .

The Governor noted that his promotion was the result of hard work, commitment, dedication and excellence.

DSP Ifeoma Akaya is the only female aide-de-camp to a serving Governor in Nigeria and her rise to stardom is another testament to Governor Bello’s passion for promoting excellent women.

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