New Assistant Undersecretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks Visits Montana

US Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks Aurelia Skipwith with State Senator Fred Thomas and Metcalf Refuge Director Tom Reed. Photo by Michael Howel.

US Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke recently announced the appointment of two deputy assistant secretaries to lead the department. Aurelia Skipwith will serve as Deputy Assistant Secretary for Fish, Wildlife and Parks and former House Natural Resources executive Katharine MacGregor will serve as Assistant Deputy Secretary for Lands and Minerals Management. .

In her work as Deputy Assistant Secretary for FWP, Skipwith will assist in the development and implementation of administration policy objectives on public lands and wildlife issues. She brings with her years of national and international experience in the public and private sectors and not-for-profit organizations. She graduated from Howard University and earned a JD from the University of Kentucky and is a certified member of the Kentucky Bar.

Skipwith was in the Bitterroot Valley, recently visiting the Lee Metcalf National Wildlife Refuge. She toured the shelter with shelter manager Tom Reed and state senator Fred Thomas. Skipwith said she is visiting locations across the country to get a sense of the land she will be managing and to get a sense of local needs and priorities.

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