NDSU Expanded to Host Spring Horse Management Webinar Series – Jamestown Sun

Horse owners and stable managers will have the opportunity to learn management strategies during a webinar hosted by North Dakota State University Extension at noon CDT on April 27 and May 4, 11, and 18.

Topics will include mortality management, geriatric care of horses and foals, hay management and bedding management.

“While the death of a horse is not something we like to discuss, good management of mortality is important for water quality and disease mitigation,” said Mary Keena, horse specialist. environmental management of extension livestock at NDSU’s Carrington Research Extension Center. “We will discuss approved disposal methods and delve deeper into composting the mortalities.”

With flooding on the east side of North Dakota and persistent drought conditions on the west side of the state, it becomes important to discuss care strategies for the most vulnerable horses in the herd.

“The oldest and youngest horses in the herd tend to be managed in the same way as the ‘healthy’ animals, especially during stressful weather events such as the drought we are experiencing or the very cold winter we are experiencing. we’re going out,” Rachel said. Wald, agriculture and natural resources officer for NDSU Extension in McHenry County. “Unfortunately, our geriatric horses and foals are the ones that need the most attention when stress is high.”

One way to reduce animal stress is to ensure your horse receives the best nutrition at the right times. Management of hay production, especially with limited pasture resources due to lack of moisture, is very important.

While bedding may not be something horse owners or stable managers want to think about as we head towards warmer temperatures and likely more time spent by animals outdoors, it’s something to plan for as summer and production season approach, Wald said.

“Knowing which bedding product is best for your given situation makes a horse and owner happy,” Wald said.

The webinar presenters are NDSU extension specialists and officers, an assistant professor of equine science at NDSU, and an equine extension specialist from the University of Minnesota.

Visit www.tinyurl.com/Spring2022NDSUHorse to register for the webinars.

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