“Mama McDonald’s”: the assistant manager of the restaurant goes beyond the expectations of his colleagues

LYNN – Andrea De La Rosa may be the assistant manager of McDonald’s at Lynn on Boston Road, but she often goes by a different title.

“My nickname is Mama McDonald’s,” De La Rosa said.

“Mama McDonald’s” and it’s easy to see why, as she proudly displays photos of the high school graduation ceremonies she attended of young employees, including 18-year-old Emanuel Graham.

“She treats me like I’m her child. She always checks on me. She makes sure I have everything I need. She always calls to see if I need anything. And I really appreciate that because not having my parents, she felt like I had one right here,” Graham said.

The 18-year-old has lost both parents. When it came time for him to apply to colleges, Andrea was there every step of the way.

“When he came to me and said he wanted to do this, I sat with him on my lunch break. We filled out the college applications. We did the essay together. He called me back and forth,” De La Rosa said.

Andrea De La Rosa
Emmanuel Graham and Andrea De La Rosa


“She just made me look around the schools and we just made a plan and that was it. I just followed it,” Graham said.

This hard work has paid off. This fall, Emanuel is going to UMass Lowell to study business marketing, a surprise celebration at work Thursday afternoon before he leaves.

“We couldn’t be prouder to be an exemplary, dedicated and engaged employee heading off to college and starting their next chapter,” said Lynn’s McDonald’s store owner Lindsay Wallin.

Emanuel received materials and gift cards. Andrea was surprised with a $1,000 bonus before leaving for an upcoming trip to see her four children and two grandchildren.

Emanuel knows that when he arrives on campus, Mama McDonald’s will take care of him, as usual.

“Learning, meeting new people and taking the next step. Because I know I have the support system that’s going to tell me I can be anything I want,” Graham said.

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