KT and LG Successfully Link AI Voice Assistant Service Hub Platforms

[Courtesy of KT]

SEOUL – LG Electronics has partnered with leading South Korean telecommunications company KT to link their artificial intelligence voice assistant hub platforms for cooperation in the smart home platform market. They have already combined their research and development capabilities to create an AI model that could prevent the spread of infectious diseases.

In a joint statement on April 6, KT and LG said they had successfully verified the interconnection of their AI service hub platforms using a smart home management system called ‘Smart Mirror’. , a digital mirror that also functions as a semi-transparent screen featured in 2020.

Smart display has been applied to LG refrigerator models. “Because LG’s Smart Mirror is a versatile platform that can be applied to any surface including home appliances, it will become a convenient and efficient smart home hub,” said Kim Jung-jun, Manager of KT Public Relations, to Aju Business Daily.

“Through a marketed service, customers will be able to control home appliances and use AI voice assistant services with Smart Mirror connected to a home Internet of Things (IoT) network,” Kim said, adding that users can control and manage IoT smart home devices while voice assistant functions manage schedules.

According to the Korea Smart Home Association, an association of smart home service operators, the smart home market in South Korea is estimated to reach 31 trillion won ($ 27.5 billion) in 2025. Some 2, 8 million people use KT’s GiGA Genie voice assistant speakers. ThinQ was a key feature of LG’s flagship smartphones.

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