“I know what Rafa wants” – New Everton deputy director speaks on “different” role

Everton assistant manager Francisco de Miguel Moreno has explained how his role at the club involves working under Rafa Benitez.

The Spaniard, commonly referred to as “Paco”, worked with the boss in many positions in European football and won numerous trophies with the 61-year-old during this time.

The assistant will now work alongside Duncan Ferguson to help Benitez improve the current Goodison Park squad of players and ensure they are on the path to progression.

However, De Miguel explained that his role is a bit different from what one would usually expect from an assistant manager.

The new coach is focused on “performance”, and he has now opened up about what that means in the context of the Blues squad as it stands.

De Miguel told evertonfc.com: “My role is a bit different than usually being an assistant manager… I’m in charge of the methodology and the set-up of the big picture.

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“I know what Rafa wants because we’ve worked together for so many years. I focus on performance – and when we talk about performance, we don’t just mean fitness.

“We try to analyze everything during the day… and make sure that each player has what they need on a daily basis: in terms of physical condition and technical and tactical information.

“Sometimes people think performance is about covering certain yards or the intensity during the game.

“For us, it’s much more than that.

“You have to be very clear about the profile of each player, in which areas he can improve as an individual and improve the team.

“You have to know which areas you are weak and strong in and try to fill in the gaps that we have already found for each of them.

“Performance for us is being able to do all the skills you have on the pitch and do them in the best possible way.

“We have a picture of every player in terms of physical condition and technical and tactical skills.

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“And we now know, more or less, in which areas they should improve.”

Antonio Gomez, who became the first-team coach and senior analyst for the Blues, also arrived at the club at the same time as De Miguel.

He also opened up about what his role entails and spoke of his joy at having the opportunity to work at Everton.

Gomez added, “My job is to help organize the sessions each day with Paco and the rest of the staff.

“I analyze the training sessions every day and we use videos to improve this team and control the opponent.

“I’m very happy to be at Everton Football Club and get to know people and their roles.

“The atmosphere is fantastic inside the group. The players work very hard every day and the staff always help me.

“I am very happy to return to England and to have this opportunity to work for Everton.”

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