Frank Fannon, former United States Assistant Secretary of State for Energy Resources, will be the keynote speaker at African Energy Week in Cape Town

Fannon has gained significant experience in the energy industry, having held various positions in US Senate offices, consulting firms and business services. Most notably, he served as the very first Deputy Secretary of State for Energy Resources from 2018 to January 2021. In this position, Fannon was responsible for advising the State on all foreign policy issues related to energy. With a focus on the use of energy and resources as a catalyst for economic opportunity, stability and overall global prosperity, Fannon has led several high-level government initiatives around the world. Fannon has made significant progress in expanding US-international relations across the energy sector value chain, promoting the role that mineral resources must play both in the energy transition and as a champion of the energy sector. global socio-economic development. Building on this goal, Fannon will focus on the role of resources in Africa’s future development at AEW 2021 in Cape Town, presenting a strong case for hydrocarbons and renewables.

During this time, having worked for companies such as BHP and Murphy Oil Corporation before taking on the post of Assistant Secretary of State, Fannon pioneered new U.S. entry into regions of the world, developing the industry’s first consumer energy campaign at points of sale. As a strong advocate of international partnerships and collaboration, Fannon focuses on expanding U.S. interests on the African continent, facilitating transformative energy deals that will help the continent accelerate the transition to a clean energy future. In addition, Fannon has played a leading role in shaping US energy policy. With his direct involvement in the drafting, negotiation and passage of the Energy Policy Act 2005, Fannon was instrumental in the policy that awakened the American shale industry. As a result, Fannon’s expertise in foreign and domestic policy positions him as an important contributor to the regulatory discussion in Cape Town.

“Fannon has done a lot of his work behind the scenes, he has been instrumental in helping African voices be respected. I have always met African energy leaders, listened to their views, talked with them and not lecture them. During the critical moments of the oil crisis, he has always been there to find solutions, ensuring that our economies have hope so that we can fight the Covid 19 disaster. He has never hesitated to do so. advancing the goals of US policy, but he also understood that we have the right to use our resources to empower Africans and eradicate energy poverty ”. Said NJ Ayuk, executive chairman of the ACS.

“Fannon represents a strong participant, and his vast experience in several areas of the global energy sector will be essential in the discussion of energy transition, market transformation and policies. Fannon is committed to ensuring that developments in the energy sector translate into tangible and lasting benefits for the world’s populations, and through his experience in foreign policy and multinational negotiations, Fannon has advocated for the role and the value of the energy sector. In Cape Town, Fannon joins several other high-level US representatives, engaging with African stakeholders and contributing to the transformation of the continent’s energy sector, ”said Ayuk.

Finally, with his commitment to the global energy transition, Fannon has been and continues to be a strong advocate for the role of minerals in the transition to a renewable energy future. Having led several bilateral and multinational coalitions over the years focused on improving the exploitation and use of clean energy minerals, Fannon has been a notable facilitator in the global energy transition. Fannon recognizes the role the energy sector must play in mitigating climate impacts, and at AEW 2021 he will engage in multilateral discussions on how to accelerate the energy transition, using the minerals, international integration and favorable regulatory policies as key drivers.

AEW 2021, in partnership with the South African Department of Mineral Resources and Energy DMRE, is the AEC’s annual conference, exhibition and networking event. AEW 2021 brings together African energy players with international investors and partners to drive industry growth and development and promote Africa as a destination for energy investments.

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