Former Deputy Defense Secretary Sharon Burke Joins KMX Advisory Board

KMX Technologies, LLC, which specializes in treating water, recovering critical minerals and improving lithium production, today announced the addition of the Honorable Sharon E. Burke to its board advisory. Secretary Burke is a leading expert on critical minerals and national security issues and served as Assistant Secretary of Defense for Operational Energy and Programs in the Obama administration.

Secretary Burke is the President of Ecospherics, which provides research, analysis and insight to businesses, governments and nonprofits on issues related to climate change, biodiversity, water, energy and essential minerals.

Zachary Sadow, CEO and Chairman of KMX, said, “Secretary Burke’s work on US critical minerals policy, as well as her experience overseeing innovation, spending, and strategy in critical minerals. energy and fuel for the Pentagon, and all branches of the US military, provide valuable information to KMX. He added, “The ongoing critical minerals crisis is putting new strains on the supply chains of US military, technology and energy infrastructure, and KMX is extremely fortunate to have Secretary Burke’s help in bringing minerals to the table. reviews in the market thanks to the exclusive technology of KMX.

KMX’s membrane distillation technology offers an environmentally friendly solution to the unfolding critical mineral crisis as it enables the separation and capture of critical minerals including rare earth elements, cobalt, lithium and other critical minerals in waste streams such as acid mine drainage basins. and basins of coal ash.

Secretary Burke said: “The world is at an environmental turning point: we either have to adapt quickly or suffer dire consequences. We can only adapt with the help of innovative companies like KMX, so I am truly honored to join the advisory board.

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