Deputy Director appointed to perform the duties

After meeting behind closed doors, Navasota City Council members voted to appoint the deputy city manager to serve as city manager in the absence or inability of the city manager to perform his duties and problems related.

Board member Bernie Gessner introduced the motion, seconded by board member Josh Fultz. Council members present voted unanimously in favor. Board member Patti Pederson was absent from the meeting. Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt is also Deputy Director General.

Council also discussed the dispute over the invoice received from Symmetry Energy Solutions, LLC for natural gas supplied to the City of Navasota for the month of February 2021. After the closed session resumed, no action was taken. socket.


Capital improvement project

John Henry of Bleyl Engineering said two of the more difficult areas from Schumacher Street to Brosig Avenue that run down all the way down Victoria Street have been designed. “We have found a few other reverse flows that will be fixed during this problem and that will help the flow go down,” explained Henry.

Henry also addressed the concerns of city staff who needed to ensure the new plumbing was done thoroughly and said he was working to secure easements to create a more direct route to resolve the issue.

He also spoke of work being done on a short road off Laredo, Dallas and Waco Streets to add services to two locations on those streets and in so doing expand to two vacant lots on Waco Street. Henry said they are carrying out an investigation to see where the services can be performed.

National evening

Navasota Police Chief Shawn Myatt said there were seven evenings for National Night Out. Myatt said the party at Ketchum Park had more than 100 people. “It went really well,” he said. “We had the county here, the district attorney, some of his investigators and a lot of firefighters joined us. “

District Attorney Andria Bender gave a speech and Firefighter Mitch Kroll spoke about the fire alarms. Myatt said there was an average of 7-10 nights for National Night Out, and with COVID-19 precautions, he thinks seven nights was a good number.

Economic development report

Development Services Director Lupe Diosdado provided a report on the exercise of permits and investments from October 2020 to September 2021.

There were 13 residential demolition permits; 64 existing housing permits (renovations or additions). “Of those 64, it was an investment of $ 667,000, so that’s really good,” said Diosdado. “It shows that our residents are investing money in their properties and it makes our city a better place.”

Diosdado said there was a new duplex which is the first multi-family unit in a long time, which is valued at an investment of $ 170,000. There were seven new manufactured homes, most of which were replacements that had not been replaced before.

Other figures include: Single Family Homes – 128 ($ 22,068,530.00); Commercial: Demolition permit – four; 10 building permits, including several airport hangars, Team Elliot Ford, Chicken Express, new Health Point and Key Performance Petroleum; (investment value $ 17,182,790.00); Renovation / expansion permit – 11; Controls – 1,590.

Action items

• Interlocal contract approved for cooperative purchasing services with TIPS (The Interlocal Purchasing System) purchasing cooperative and region 8 education service center.

• Approved Resolution No. 702-21, regarding the requested annexation of a 31.79 acre parcel of land and a 31.76 acre parcel of land in the James J. Whitesides Survey, A-62, Navasota, Grimes County, Texas, setting a date, time and place for a public hearing on a proposed annexation of said property by the City of Navasota.

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