David Meyler: Would love to see Roy Keane return to management

Former Ireland midfielder David Meyler believes his former boss Roy Keane will make a managerial return and has dismissed claims that Keane is out of touch with the modern game.

eane has been linked with vacancies at Sunderland and Hibs this year alone but the 50-year-old is still out of the game and hasn’t managed a team since leaving Ipswich in 2011. But Meyler, who played under Keane at Sunderland and also with the Ireland team, believes there is more to come in Keane’s management.

“People are fascinated to listen to him, when he gives insight into how he feels about a particular game. I think he has so much to offer that I would love to see him again,” Meyler said. .

“It’s very easy to say that people are disconnected from the modern game. I don’t think the game has changed much in 20 years. You have a different dynamic in the locker room compared to when I started, it has changed. But to say he’s not in touch with the modern game is a false narrative. It’s easy to identify.

“I only retired a few years ago and he was involved with Martin as an assistant with Ireland. He knows very well what modern dressing rooms are.

Meyler also believes Blackpool footballer Jake Daniels’ “courageous” decision to become the first openly gay player in professional football in England will encourage other players to be more open about their sexuality.

“To my knowledge no one I played with was gay, there may have been but I don’t know,” the Cork native said. “The dressing room has changed over the last six/seven years, if there was someone I played with you’d like to think they could have come and spoken to us openly, but no one was to my knowledge. .

“You’d like to think they could share it with the team, I would have accepted it and I wouldn’t have had a problem. It’s so hard for someone to come out, we hope that after Monday’s news, many more will come forward.

“I’m not surprised it took this long,” Meyler added of Daniels’ historic decision to come out. “Even if you look at the responses there is incredible support for him I would offer him my support he has been struggling and struggling for a long time. Then you have a lot of idiots chasing him and that shows why it has took so long, he just wants to play football and wants to be comfortable playing football. It took him a long time.

“There’s a certain negativity to it, people are just being dumb and don’t realize this is a young boy who is taking care of something, who made the brave decision to come forward and speak out , be honest, you see the love and support, but you can understand why it took so long for someone to come out.

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