Chicago jobs: Challenger, Gray and Christmas, Kellogg School of Management experts give job prospects for 2022

CHICAGO (WLS) – The United States recorded a record 11 million job vacancies in October. And that same month, 4.2 million Americans quit their jobs. Some say they are confident in their prospects with so many jobs open there.

So whether you are looking to jumpstart your career, re-entering the workforce, or perhaps wanting to quit your current job, you might be wondering what the job outlook will look like in 2022?

According to Andrew Challenger, senior vice president of outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, “Employers expect labor shortages to persist, to struggle to hire new people. . , and it’s just going to be waves of COVID, maybe different variations that are going to happen and create short-term work stoppages. “

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So how do employers survive if they can’t hire the people they need?

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“It really depends on the type of employers here,” said Sara Moreira, assistant professor of strategy at the Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University. “I think there are employers in industries that are looking for workers for certain occupations. Think administrative occupations, in the tech sector. home, in terms of part-time arrangements. Thus, they may be able to retain and attract workers by offering them this flexibility even without increasing wages or other benefits. employers that they cannot offer these options due to the nature of the job. In this case I think they will probably have to increase wages to attract workers, offer conditions that we have not seen in the past . “

Moreira went on to say, “In the long term, we’ve started to see part of that, this acceleration in the adoption of technologies associated with robotics, you know, which are basically trying to substitute for work. You know, it’s going to allow employers to use fewer workers to produce their products and services. “

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Challenger said some employers are changing the qualifications for the positions they are trying to fill.

“I just spoke to a person in charge of a very large company who decided to go back and look at every position in his organization and reassess if he really needed a four-year college degree for one. There are so many jobs that they know they could fill with people without a degree who might be a perfect fit. So companies try to be creative and start attracting workers from populations they don’t have. may not have had access before, ”he said.

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