CEPOL’s board of directors meets by videoconference

The meeting taking place in the framework of the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the European Union, the Minister of the Interior, Aleš Hojs, gave a short opening speech, in which he declared that he supported the mission of the CEPOL aimed at making Europe safer, in particular through the provision of additional training in law enforcement. “In the long run, learning ensures highly motivated police officers, which is very important in these difficult times. As the training of law enforcement officers is a shared responsibility of all Member States and the competent institutions of the European Union, we are pleased that the Agency acts as a bridge and ensures the transfer of skills, knowledge and skills to successfully meet all security challenges. “

The meeting was chaired by José Leitão, Chairman of the Management Board, and brought together representatives from almost all EU Member States, representatives of the Agency, including the Agency’s Executive Director, Detlef Schröder , and representatives of the European Commission. Slovenia was represented by the Deputy Director General of Police, Danijel Žibret, and Egidij Glavič and Aleksander Mali from the Police Academy.

The meeting also included a presentation of the preliminary results of the five-year evaluation of the Agency for the period 2017-2021 and of the CEPOL work program 2022-2024, as well as the strategic and operational analysis to identify training needs. law enforcement agencies. The participants took note of the election of the new chairman and vice-chairman of the board, Philippe Durand from France and Jan Pechacek from the Czech Republic, who will be in charge of this area during the next 18-month presidency of the Council of the EU, which will be assumed by the trio France, Czech Republic and Sweden at the end of the Slovenian Presidency.

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