Azam Baki’s lawsuit against Lalitha set to be handled on February 15

KUALA LUMPUR: The High Court set the February 15 case for a lawsuit filed by Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) Chief Commissioner Tan Sri Azam Baki against Senior Researcher of the Anti-Corruption Center cronyism and corruption (C4) Lalitha Kunaratnam for allegedly posting defamatory articles in the portal of the Independent News Service (INS) relating to the purchase of shares.

A judicial system check found the date was set when the case was brought up to Senior Deputy Registrar Noordura Mohamed Din in an online (e-Review) procedure at 9 a.m. today.

Azam, 59, while the plaintiff filed a complaint yesterday through Messrs. Zain Megat and Murad, naming Lalitha, 39, as sole defendant.

Azam’s statement stated that the defendant had written two articles entitled “Commercial Ties Between MACC Leaders: How Far Does It Go?” “(Part 1)” and “Commercial Ties Between MACC Executives: How Far Does It Go?” (Part Two) ‘which she published in INS on October 26 and reposted on December 15 of last year.

He also claimed that the defendant shared links to the articles on his @LalithaVelvet Twitter account which were still accessible to this day.

Azam claimed that the articles were sensational, outrageous and offensive and that they were written and republished with malicious intent to give readers a misperception that the complainant was a corrupt official or someone who abused his position as senior MACC official for his or her brother’s interests.

The complainant claimed that, in addition to the two articles and tweets, on January 9, the defendant also posted a media statement posted by her lawyer, Manjeet Singh Dhillon, on her Twitter account.

Azam claimed that the defamatory statement, among other things, stated that he owned shares and warrants worth millions of ringgit purchased with illegally obtained money and that he had invested millions of ringgit in shortly, in addition to not reporting the purchase of shares and warrants during his tenure as MACC director of investigations.

Furthermore, the complainant claimed that the statement indicated that he and his brother, through the company RI Intelligence Sdn Bhd, were directly or indirectly involved in illegal secret activities.

He claimed that the statement also defamed the MACC as a whole and that the accused also appeared to have insulted Yang di-Pertuan Agong who had appointed him as chief commissioner of the MACC under applicable laws.

Azam also claimed that the defendant abused her role as an investigative journalist to manipulate and mislead the public with the defamatory statement which is false and speculative.

The plaintiff said a demand letter had been issued asking the defendant to remove the defamatory statement and to apologize, but Lalitha, through his lawyer, posted a press release on his Twitter account in which she claimed to support articles which clearly showed no remorse.

Azam claimed that the defamatory publication tarnished his name and reputation, and as a result, he sought an order to prevent Lalitha or his agents from making, publishing or republishing the defamatory statement in addition to asking the defendant to remove the articles. and tweets within three days. judgment and apologize to post in newspapers and social media platforms of their choice.

He also seeks RM 10 million in general damages, aggravated damages, interest, costs and other remedies deemed appropriate by the court.Bernama

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