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On February 25, 2015, President Barack Obama reappointed Monica C. Regalbuto to head the Office of Environmental Management, which is responsible for cleaning up radioactive and toxic waste and contamination created by nuclear weapons programs. from the country. She was originally nominated in May 2014, but despite clearing the Environment and Public Works Committee in June, the Senate never accepted his nomination. The post has been vacant since the summer of 2011.

Regalbuto was born in 1962 in Mexico, where her parents, Horatio and Conchita Gonzalez, sent her to private schools. She attended the Instituto Technológico de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering in 1983 and met the man who also became her husband that year, John Regalbuto.

Monica Regalbuto came to the United States to continue her studies at Notre Dame, earning a master’s degree in 1986 and a doctorate. in 1988, both in chemical engineering.

After graduating, she joined Argonne National Laboratory near Chicago, where she supported the development of technologies to process high-level waste. She remained there until 1996 when, wanting to gain experience in the private sector, Regalbuto joined BP-Amoco, for which she managed projects, including one investigating technologies to lower the sulfur rate in gasoline.

Regalbuto returned to Argonne in 2001 and became responsible for chemistry and process engineering, working on used nuclear fuel processing technologies. She joined the Department of Energy’s Office of Environmental Management in 2008 as a senior program manager in waste processing. While there, Regalbuto worked on a three-year Massachusetts Institute of Technology fuel cycle study to investigate waste disposal from economic, risk and other factors.

Pending Senate confirmation, Regalbuto serves as deputy assistant secretary for fuel cycle technologies in the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy.

Regalbuto holds six patents. She and her husband, who teaches chemical engineering at the University of South Carolina, have three adult children: Ricky, Carol and Robbie. Regalbuto served on the school board in Glenbrook, Illinois.

-Steve Straehley

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